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Combining a wide range of technical skills with broad business experience and a deep education, I analyze business process improvement requirements, design workflow, and implement distributed applications for clients. I am a Microsoft Certified  Solution Developer (both MCSD.NET and MCSD [VB6]), and have been bridging technology to business since 1985 as business manager, accountant, and information technology consultant.

I have a degree in Management from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). My coursework included finance, accounting, marketing, and operations management. Business processes analysis and improvement have been my core competencies for over 20 years.

At Sloan I concentrated in System Dynamics, with Peter Senge (author of The Fifth Discipline) and John Sterman as my advisors. System Dynamics is the study of complex environments over time. Practitioners observe interesting and often problematic behaviors that seem counterintuitive or undesireable, which are called reference modes. System dynamicists strive to understand the forces causing reference modes, simulate the dynamics behaviors, and recommend process and policy changes to modify the observed reference mode behaviors.

My minor was writing, primarily short stories.

I am a graduate of Hillsboro (OR) High School, and was a Tektronix Scholar and a National Merit Scholar (Consolidated Freightways)
Certifications provide impartial corroboration of technical knowledge. Studying for exams builds a breath of knowledge and a familiarity with possibilities that complements the depth of knowledge gained through experience.
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .NET [MCSD.NET] (12/2006)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect for .NET (12/2006)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional [MCP] Develop/Implement Web Applications w/ Microsoft (MS) Visual Basic (VB) .NET (11/2002)
  • Microsoft Certified Application Developer [MCAD] (10/2002)
  • MCP Develop XML Web Services and Server Components w/ MS VB.NET (10/2002)
  • MCP Design/Implement Windows Applications w/ MS VB.NET (8/2002)
  • MCP Design/Implement Databases w/ SQL 2000 (6/2002)
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer [MCSD] (6/2001)
  • MCP Design/Implement Distributed Solutions w/ MS VB (6/2001)
  • MCP Design/Implement Desktop Solutions w/ MS VB (6/2001)
  • MCP Design/Implement Web Solutions w/ MS InterDev (5/2001)
  • MCP Solution Architect (5/2001)
  • Certified Lotus Professional [CLP] Domino R5 Principal Application Developer (7/1999)
  • CLP Domino R5 System Administrator (2/1999)
  • CLP Domino R5 Application Developer (2/1999)
  • CLP Notes Principal System Administrator R4 (1/1998)
  • CLP Notes Principal Application Developer R4 (12/1997)
  • CLP Notes System Administrator R4 (9/1996)
  • CLP Notes Application Developer R4 (8/1996)
  • Lotus Certified Notes Specialist I for Release 3.0 (2/1994) [AD & SA]
  • Lotus Certified Notes Specialist I (5/1992) [Release 2.0 - AD & SA]